5 Restaurants You Simply Can’t Go Wrong With in Paraguay

No matter where your next adventure will take you, you’ve got to admit that no vacation is complete without at least a few incredible meals. If you’re planning on spending time in Paraguay on an upcoming trip, you’ll find lots of options for mealtime. Meat eaters, especially, will not be disappointed in the variety they find. But, if you’re a vegetarian, don’t worry that sticking to your veggie-based diet will be difficult or boring. With a bit of planning, you’ll be able to map out a dining plan that will stimulate the taste buds and give you a chance to take local restauranteurs’ takes on international cuisine. Here are 5 top restaurants throughout the country where you’re all but guaranteed to have an enjoyable meal:

Asuncion [Photo Credit: Creative Commons 3.0, Felipe Antonio]

Asunción [Photo Credit: Creative Commons 3.0, Felipe Antonio]

Be Okay in Asunción
Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just need a break from meat-heavy meals during your Paraguayan vacation, Be Okay is an excellent place for a meal. The contemporary look of the place is chic and inviting, and the menu has something for everyone. Try a lentil or bean burger, and don’t miss your chance to try some incredible homemade baked goods, like rice bread or vegan chipa guasu.

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Bellini in Asunción
When you need a filling meal that’s fast and convenient, don’t be fooled into thinking those big international fast food chains are your only option. While in Asunción, hit up Bellini for a yummy pasta dish. The pasta bar is a fun change of pace and lets you choose your own unique blend of pasta, sauce, and toppings. With so many options, it’s all but guaranteed that even the pickiest eaters in your groups–including little ones–will find something they’ll like. Conveniently, there are locations throughout the city, which means you won’t have a hard time finding a quick and easy lunch spot while on the go.

Encarnación Beach [Photo Credit: Creative Commons 3.0, Motorway065]

Encarnación Beach [Photo Credit: Creative Commons 3.0, Motorway065]

Piccola Italia in Encarnación
One of the best parts about coming to Piccola Italia is that you won’t leave hungry. Even better, you won’t break the bank. This place is known for the generous portions and affordable prices, an excellent combination for any traveler and especially those looking to stick to a budget. While the restaurant has some elegant touches, you’ll appreciate the overall homey atmosphere. This is a great place to go with kids.

El Tomate in Encarnación
Remember, you’re on vacation…so forget the calorie counting and go for an always satisfying burger-and-fries combo at El Tomate! With its prime location and fast service, it’s the perfect place to score a tasty and quick meal while passing through town between tours. With its outdoor seating, people-watching is a favorite pastime for diners as they chow down.

Del Fuego Restaurante in Ciudad del Este
If the meat eaters in your group are getting anxious, try heading over to the Del Fuego Restaurante, which is conveniently located in the Shopping Del Este plaza. Not only will everyone get their fill of meats and all the sides, but you will all appreciate the refreshing air conditioning as you enjoy your meal. As a bonus, the restaurant offers free Wifi, meaning you can get eat some delicious food and check your inbox simultaneously–multitasking at its finest while on vacation in Paraguay!

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