Top 10 Tips for Marketing your Brand in Brazil

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Brazil, a country of over 190 million people, provides a huge market for the entrepreneur or savvy businesses goer. So if you’re in the business of businesses and would like to get your brand out into the vast expanse that is Brazil, follow these 10 tips to get you on your way.

1. Nearly half of all Brazilians read newspapers, so the old fashioned means of placing an add in the paper is still very relevant and effective today.

2. Brazil is second only to the United States in terms of Facebook and Twitter usage: 47 million facebookers and 40 million tweeters; that’s a big market, and it’s only sitting on the other side of a screen.

3.Even better, half of those social media users buy products through social sites. So not only can you draw the attention of the digital population, but many of them are willing to buy products then and there.

4. Brazilians love social gaming. In 2011 the market for social games in Brazil was valued at $136 million dollars. That has been expected to climb towards $238 million in 2014; also, virtual goods sales will reach $320 million. If you cannot tell already, Brazil is online, you need to be there too.

5. Make connections and partnerships. Brazilians are a friendly bunch, welcoming and accepting of any little bit of chit chat; they’ll be happy to give you advice based on their own experiences — a local’s knowledge goes a long way.

6. Support a local cause. The Brazilians are passionate and they love their country, so showing some support for the locals or a charitable cause will give you more ticks in the right column.

7. Tie it to a local event. If you can tie your business in somehow with any carnivals, dance events, music, football, you’ll reap the rewards of viewership.

8. Beware the taxes. Brazil is an economical powerhouse, put it is also very protective of what goes in and comes out. If you plan on shipping products in then you will be subjected to many taxes and laws; Some companies maneuver around these by producing the product inside the country, whatever the answer, you’ll need to do your research.

9. Add some Brazilian flair. The country has a very specific and unique style, a culture filled with color, glistening sandy beaches, passionate sport enthusiasts and more; so you should know who you’re marketing to, and mould your product to suit.

10. Learn some Portuguese. English is not as common as you might expect, so marketing your brand in English is going to compromise how effective it could be if it were in Portuguese.

There’s a big market out there just waiting for you to show them what you’ve got –but it’ll take some time and it’ll take some Portuguese. Take a free language level test to see how prepared you are, or send an inquiry about taking classes.