Queensland’s most popular second language: Japanese

la-corona-de-oro-de-diseno-vectorial-realista_275-7622New language learning data has been made available by the state government, and it seems that Japanese is the most widely accessible second language option at state schools in Queensland. The language was available at 614 schools throughout the state, 44 of which were in Brisbane. German is another very important language, which is studied much today. For example, you could practice your German taking classes in Perth!

Mandarin Chinese was also widely available, although the number of schools teaching the language was less than a quarter of the schools teaching Japanese. Other languages taught at primary and secondary state schools in Queensland include Auslan, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese. This

John-Paul Langbroek, Minister for Education, Training and Employment, said:

“When the federal government announced its plan to make Hindi a priority language I pointed out that Queensland doesn’t have any registered Hindi teachers. Many students in Queensland schools access languages through distance education, simply because its difficult to get language teachers to the more remote and regional schools in the state.”

Source: Brisbane Times